7 Reasons to use Node.JS

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The blog is about, seven reasons to use Nodejs and I could have come up with ten or five but I decided to go with 7 because it’s just stayed off the top of my head. Without having to do a bunch of research and I’ve created some Nodejs frameworks and I’ve worked with the frameworks with many of them out there like, ExpressJs.

The Seven reasons to use NodeJs

And I’ve also hosted a few NodeJS websites, so anyway I’m just pen down the pros because people have asked me – how do you choose between node and Python and this isn’t really a comparison directly between Dot net and Python. But I’m just going to go ahead and list some of the reasons, why I would use NodeJS and why I think it’s a good choice!

The First reason to use NodeJs

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So number one, it’s really fast and when I say that it means, it’s non-blocking. So what is non-blocking, file reading and writing is one of the things that servers need to do really well and that’s something that NodeJS does, as well as it is able to read from a file system or a database and then you know to send that data back, you’re not going to find a better technology out there, so the chrome v8 JavaScript engine was what Nodejs was built from and it’s extremely fast.

If you look at the core code, that actually makes a makes up the node.js framework. Now, you’re looking at a more low-level code as compared to a language like JavaScript. Also, it is used by many modern companies and a lot of major companies are using it but just to name a few, LinkedIn, Walmart their entire web stack is built on node then PayPal, uber and Netflix so those are all major companies that are scaling Nodejs.

The Second reason to use NodeJs

7 reasons to use NodeJs

one language for the frontend and backend. Another reason why you would want to use node is that you’re going to be forced to write JavaScript for your client side and you’re going to be probably using one of the modern JavaScript libraries like react or angular or ember or any of the millions that it seems like we have. That means you will be writing JavaScript and it’s so much easier than Python on the backend or Java, c-sharp and then having to switch over to JavaScript on the frontend. You can write JavaScript.

Because JavaScript is how you interact with, it is the language that actually write your NodeJS website. So even though you know Nodejs at it it’s a technology and it’s the chrome v8 engine and also written in c JavaScript is what you actually write, so being able to write JavaScript on both the front end and the back end it goes a long way especially when you know it really goes hand-in-hand with use a react angular and ember and all the other frameworks.

The Third reason to use NodeJs

7 reasons to use NodeJs

Cross-platform and this is a huge deal because if you’re going to run a node.js application, you might need people that might need to run it on a Linux web server or it could be a Windows web server or even you know running it on a Mac. So the fact that Nodejs can install in all those machines whether you’re running Linux or Windows or Mac and you’re going to be able to run the application so you have Microsoft and c-sharp.

You know moving with they’re not there, Dot Net core over to a Linux based system so it works on Linux because that was always a major disadvantage for Microsoft and c-sharp was that it didn’t run on Linux and Nodejs doesn’t have that problem so it’s a major benefit if you Hire node js developer

The Fourth reason to use NodeJs

7 reasons to use NodeJs

One of the most active development communities. If you look at the communities, the amount of questions that have been asked on not just JavaScript but also on Nodejs development companies, it actually it definitely competes with Python, Ruby, c-sharp and Java so anybody that says that that Nodejs isn’t an enterprise language or enterprise technology at this point is probably full of it.

The Fifth reason to use NodeJs

7 reasons to use NodeJs

It’s not new and hip, that it’s no longer a fad there’s so many fads that come and go in the technology world like we don’t know where technology’s headed any given month or a year we don’t really know, we can’t see that but the argument for a long time was that Nodejs wasn’t going to be this all-encompassing thing that everybody jumps on that to replace Python and Ruby. It’s done that to some extent, but it’s not going to completely replace those technologies. However, I think it’s safe to say that Nodejs isn’t some sort of up-and-coming thing anymore, so the fact is, it’s not new and hip, is actually a good thing.

The Sixth reason to use NodeJs

7 reasons to use NodeJs

Node is not a bloated framework. It means that, it does not come with the bells and whistles of a full stack framework.  You can’t compare Node to Python Django or Python flask or Ruby on Rails, it’s nothing like that, it’s it web server technology that you can use a bunch of different frameworks that exist for Nodejs, like Express.

But the fact is that if you don’t need that stuff and you just want a bare-bones Web API like a lot of people tells you that, the go language and Go language is very good at that and I’m sure it is. But, so is Nodejs, and Nodejs has been around a little bit longer and has a larger community, so depending on how slim you need your server-side API to be, Node can be as slim as you need it to be.

An additional feature like templating and things like that, when things get a little bit more bloated and slowed down but you know, node is itself a very bare-bones thing that you get if you’re building just a web server from it.

The Seventh reason to use NodeJs

7 reasons to use NodeJs

the future is lean. JavaScript you know we’ve seen a lot of confusion in the industry about which frameworks and things like that you should be using but the fact that matter one thing, that we don’t want bloated full stack frameworks, because bloated full stack frameworks are slow and they do not built with the modern-day client-side library. like react or angular in mind and the thing you need your server to be lean and efficient, it needs to be serving JSON data so that these newer client-side libraries can then take it and build your UI from it.

JavaScript now is the front, in handling, routing and everything else, so you need a lean mean server-side setup and Nodejs is probably the best option out there. If I compare it to some of these other languages that have been around the block for quite some time, if I compare, I would choose Nodejs over Python, Python – tornado, even though Python tornado is very good that the documentation just isn’t there, the community just isn’t there, Ruby on Rails is way too bloated compared to a server-side language server-side, you know stacked to set up with Nodejs. You might not be able to compare the speed between the two Nodejs, it is just going to be much faster. So the future of web development I think, more with Nodejs than any other older technologies that I just mentioned, but those are my top seven reasons why you would want to use node.js for your next project.

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